Hear an amazing acoustic performance from the duo Afua & Alexa on their new single “Starchild”

Although I have my issues with the show American Idol, I will continue to thank it for rekindling my desire to hear beautiful acoustic music. It only takes one horrible audition featuring the song “Summertime” (from the play Porgy and Bess) to send me searching for some really good acapella and acoustic music. And though I usually stick to my tried and true favorites, I recently came across the duo Afua & Alexa and was just immediately blown away by their single “Starchild“. Singer Afua Richardson, who some may know from her work as a part of the musical collective Future Soul Society, gives a truly mesmerizing performance and pianist Alexa Edmonds Lima gives the single a sound that is warm and haunting all at once. This is just a really great example of just how moving acoustic music can be and I look forward to hearing more from these two young ladies.

If you like the sounds, you can buy the single ($1.99) over on Afua & Alexa‘s Bandcamp page: